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Calcium Grease EP 2 Grease

Calcium EP 2 Grease is an extreme pressure, mineral oil base, high dropping point lithium grease exhibiting a good water resistance.

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EP2 Lithium Grease

EP2 Lithium Grease is an economical, lithium/calcium soap based multipurpose grease offering anti-rust, antiwear and extreme pressure properties.

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MOS2 Grease EP 2 Grease

MOS2 Grease EP 2 Grease is a multipurpose grease consisting of a complex mixture of soaps and graphite exhibiting anti-friction

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Multipurpose EP3 Grease

Multipurpose EP3 Grease is an extreme pressure, water resistant grease manufactured using selected highly refined mineral oils, hydroxy stearate lithium soap, and special additives.

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