Multipurpose EP3 Grease

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Multipurpose EP3 Grease

Product Details:
Usage Automotive Industry
Brand Raxol
Packaging Type Bucket

Multipurpose EP3 Grease is an extreme pressure, water resistant grease manufactured using selected highly refined mineral oils, hydroxy stearate lithium soap, and special additives.

  • Extreme pressure
  • Anti-wear
  • Anti-rust
  • Excellent adherence
  • Insolubility in water
  • Excellent shear stability
  • These multipurpose greases, highly protective, EP compounded for heavy loads makes lubrication easier and more reliable:
  • Longer life of equipment, maintenance savings, and increase in productivity.
  • Very resistant lubricating film due to the high base oil viscosity. (about 140 mm²/s at 40°C)
  • Formulated for use in ball and roller bearings (even heavy loaded) such as in hubs (cars, transportation, agriculture, industry). Suitable for bearings, chassis, and articulations.
  • Multipurpose EP3 Grease, which thickener content slightly decreases pump ability must be used in big roller bearings, under moderate speeds, or severe vibration and shock conditions and also to enhance sealing properties.
Handling And Safety:
  • There is no risk under normal conditions of handling. The information related to prevention,
  • security, and health are detailed in a Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request.
Typical Characteristics:

TestMethodUnitAverage ResultSoap nature--LithiumColorVisual-Dark brownDropping pointASTM D566°C> 190NLGI gradeNLGINLGI3Worked X 60 strokes penetrationASTM D217mm 1/10220-250Worked X 10 000 st. penetration lossASTM D217mm 1/1015Worked X 100 000 st. penetration lossASTM D217mm 1/1035Wheel Bearing Test 130°CASTM D1263g2Four balls wear 1 h / 40 kgASTM D2266mm0,5Water Wash Out resistance at 80°CASTM D1264%2Emcor Rust preventionNFT 60-135Rating0-0Four balls EP Weld pointASTM D2596kgf315

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