MOS2 Grease EP 2 Grease

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MOS2 Grease EP 2 Grease

Product Details:
Application Automotive Industry
perating temperature 15 Degree C to + 120 Degree C
Packaging Type Bag, Can , Bucket, Drum

MOS2 Grease EP 2 Grease is a multipurpose grease consisting of a complex mixture of soaps and graphite exhibiting anti-friction, anti-rust, and anti-wear properties. Suitable in any case of sliding and friction and for articulations. 

Handling And Safety:

There is no risk under normal conditions of handling. The information related to prevention, security, and health are detailed in a Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request.


Other Specifications
Typical Characteristics:
Test Method Unit Average Result
Color and texture Visual - Black, homogeneous
Dropping point ASTM D566 °C 175
Unworked penetration ASTM D217 1/10 mm 310
Worked X 60 strokes penetration ASTM D217 1/10 mm 305
N.L.G.I. grade - - 1,5 (Between 2 grade and 1 grade)
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