EP2 Lithium Grease

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EP2 Lithium Grease

Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity 400 Piece
Usage Automotive Industry
Brand rbm lubrifiants
Packing Bucket

EP2 Lithium Grease is an economical, lithium/calcium soap based multipurpose grease offering anti-rust, antiwear and extreme pressure properties.
EP2 Lithium Grease is water-insoluble and has a good shear stability. It is suitable for bearings, chasis and articulations.

Other Specifications
Typical Characteristics:
Test Method Unit Average Result
Color Visual - Brown
Texture Visual - Smooth
NLGI grade NLGI scale - 2
Dropping point (Mettler) NFT 60-627 °C 190 (>180)
Unworked penetration ISO 2137 mm 1/10 285
Worked X60 strokes ISO 2137 mm 1/10 265-295
Worked X10 000 strokes penetration loss ISO 2137 mm 1/10 10
Worked X100 000 strokes penetration loss ISO 2137 mm 1/10 35 (<50)
4 balls EP weld load ASTM D2596 kgf ≥ 250
4 balls wear 1 hr 40 kg, scar diameter ASTM D2266 mm 0, 45
Copper corrosion 24 hrs at 100°C ASTM D4048 Rating 1b
Base oil viscosity at 40°C ASTM D440 mm²/s 150
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